Artist Statement

I love pattern and detail, so etching and relief printing are the perfect mediums to express what I feel about what I see. Nature is my greatest influencer – from the ocean depths to the bark on a tree – I’m seeing the patterns that evolved over millions of years – and I’m humbled by them. I studied archaeology and geology so I spent years looking at the world around me, looking for indicators that could lead me forward in my search. I’ve been influenced by the places I’ve lived and studied – Idaho, Alaska and Washington.

I began learning printmaking after retirement from a fulfilling career. With no background in art other than appreciation, I was very unsure of myself and would print at 6am so no one could see my attempts. But I kept at it and have discovered a deep satisfaction with where I’m going and a supportive printing community.

About my Printing:

When I have the opportunity to demonstrate the printing of a copper plate – I watch the audience. To people who know little or nothing about etching, the technique is confusing. As I wipe the ink and explain what I’m doing I can see comprehension dawning. After I lay out the damp print for their perusal, I explain how I created that specific plate. The positive response tells me I’ve given them a gift.

The surface of a copper plate can be altered in so many ways. It’s typical of etchers to look at a print created by another artist and wonder – ‘how did they create that beautiful background or texture’. It’s thrilling to be able to actually ask the artist. Printmakers love to share their ideas and skills. I continue to take various printmaking classes such as etching, monotype, collagraph, etc. because I want to keep growing.

I ask that you check back on this site periodically as my art will not be static. I’ve got a lot of ideas and only time will tell what I do with them. Also please contact me with your questions.