2013, Etching, Sea

Coral Blossom

This etching was an experiment.  I used the back of a copper sheet found in the recycle.  It was deeply etched where the acid had eaten around the masking tape used to protect the back.  I just kept adding  lines to the plate until I decided I had better quit.  I added the embossing because it fit in a frame better.  This was my first embossing experience – but you will see more of it in my later prints.

2017, Etching, Sea


Sedna is an important figure in Inuit mythology and the stories and depictions of her vary from Greenland to Alaska. She is sometimes depicted as part female and part fish, but she is always recognizable as a critical part of Inuit story telling and art. The first time I heard about her I was told that she had fallen into the water from her father’s boat and when she reached up to pull herself in he had chopped off her fingers rather than let her turn the boat over. From there her fingers became the animals of the sea. When I finally had her fingers drawn the way I wanted, I couldn’t cut them off. So here you see her sinking down due to the weight of her heavy parka.