2013, Etching, Sea

Coral Blossom

This etching was an experiment.  I used the back of a copper sheet found in the recycle.  It was deeply etched where the acid had eaten around the masking tape used to protect the back.  I just kept adding  lines to the plate until I decided I had better quit.  I added the embossing because it fit in a frame better.  This was my first embossing experience – but you will see more of it in my later prints.

2017, Etching, Land

Nature & Nuture


This print delights me. The book is a leather bound volume of Locke’s essay – “Human Understanding” published in 1857. I own that book. On top of it is a pear, grown on a neighbor’s tree and a small bird nest that fell out of one of my trees. I had never etched a bird nest and I struggled with this. Being a person with a love of science I drew it exactly as it was. I could have shaped it more dramatically and pretty but that’s how it was, rather crunched with twigs in disarray.